At Labelman Ltd we always reiterate the importance of using Zebra industry compliant labels. For some industries, we know how vital supplies are to not only keep workflows running smoothly but to also significantly minimize risk to life.

In Healthcare environments, Labelman labelling solutions are used for a number of solutions such as Medicine Administration, Patient Admissions, Pharmacy Management and Laboratory Administration and Storage.

In Healthcare, we know that there are a variety of challenging surfaces and testing conditions laboratory labels must adapt and adhere to, such as:

  • Surfaces of Different Sizes
  • Fluctuations in Testing Equipment
  • Exposure to Solvents and Stains
  • Transportation/Storage
  • Extreme Temperatures

Any of these factors can potentially impact the label and its adhesion, if not rigorously tested. Zebra labels from Labelman stay affixed to even the most challenging surfaces, using flexible material and special adhesives.

We know that storage durability is another big factor within the healthcare industry, with storage conditions and transportation increasing the potential for labels to become loose, unstuck and damaged. Labelman can provide labels durable enough for extended transportation and harsh storage conditions, such as cryogenics (-80°C) and can survive in storage where samples have to be stored for years. Whether samples are taken from the patient bedside or point of care, using Zebra’s labelling solutions, they are designed to travel intact and be identifiable at the end destination.

One of Zebra’s labelling solutions is the 8000T Cryocool Label.

The Zebra 8000T is thermal transfer, white coated polypropylene label ideal for cryogenic applications such as, Medical Laboratories/Specimen Labelling, Universities/Research Facilities, Hospitals and Healthcare and Labelling Samples Subject to Freeze-Thaw Cycles.

With an adhesion to extremely low temperatures, it is resistant to temperatures as low as -96 °C for liquid nitrogen applications, and -80 °C for dry ice conditions. It can also withstand conditions such as steam autoclave and gamma radiation.

Combined with the 5095 ribbon, you can produce high-quality prints with image durability, and with smear and scratch resistance you can ensure barcodes will be scannable first time, every time.

You can find the Zebra 8000T Cryocool Label here.

Your choice of label significantly impacts the quality of care that your healthcare providers give. If healthcare environments do not implement the correct laboratory labelling solutions, then errors can cause mistreatments and the wrong diagnosis.

Ineffective laboratory labels can cause:

  • Diagnostic Errors
  • Wrong Treatments
  • Misidentified Specimens
  • Redraw Costs
  • Reduced Worker Productivity
  • Risks to Patient Safety
  • Litigation
  • Lost Samples

As well as impacting patient care, misidentified specimens can be costly in time, money and resources. As misidentified specimens can lead to redraws, re-testing and additional treatments. We know that healthcare providers are having to face challenges on a daily basis, and laboratory labels should not be another thing they have to worry about.

Labelman Ltd provides a variety of laboratory labelling solutions, ensuring a consistent performance so that every label is readable and scannable at the end of each lab test. Using Zebra labels from Labelman, you can deliver accurate test results to the correct patients in a timely manner.

For more information regarding Zebra’s Laboratory Labelling Solutions from Labelman, feel free to contact us.

With Zebra Technologies and their very own line of printing supplies, you can ensure high-quality printing, and a consistent printer performance in any application or environment. With the additional benefit of assured testing for a quality print every time, as well as the reassurance that you’re not printing anything that could lead to costly printhead replacements. Zebra’s Certified Supplies are beneficial to any industry and is a great investment to ensure you’re getting the most out of your printing solution.

You can read more about Zebra’s Certified Supplies here.