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01903 744139
Zebra's proven printer and media solutions are being used in hospitals to improve safety, comfort and efficiency at every stage of a patient's journey through the hospital. Bar codes, and more recently, RFID (radio frequency identification) are being used to help reduce the incidence of mistakes in identification as well as to speed up hospital processes from admissions to outpatients, from the pharmacy to the wards.

Zebra's desktop printers and wristband media provide fool-proof identity bands that remain with patients throughout their stay. Printed wristbands can contain text, bar codes and even digital images, so that all necessary details including blood type, allergies and primary physician are immediately visible.

By also bar coding medical records, x-rays, medication, blood bags etc, items can be accurately tracked and associated with the correct patient, thereby increasing safety and saving time/costs

With such dependence placed on the labels, the media needs to be reliable and durable, with special labels even suitable to withstand temperatures approaching -200°C, the Zebra range of media and printers are designed specifically to meet the varied environments within healthcare.

As an established supplies & business partner to Zebra, Labelman have the experience of Healthcare focused products to assist you in determining the best solution to suit your individual needs. To discuss your requirements with a person who is able to understand you and who can offer advice based on sound knowledge, simply call the number to the left.

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