Within your warehouse and supply chain, efficiency is key, and you need to ensure your warehouse resources are giving you the fastest turnaround possible when handling products.

In large operations problems can occur, with customers reporting issues such as unidentified barcodes, processing delays due to illegible labels and poor inventory visibility and accuracy. Problems like these can lead to decreased worker productivity, shipment delays and unsatisfied customers.

With Zebra Technologies there is a solution. Zebra offers a wide range of solutions to meet specific needs and tasks within the warehouse and supply chain. These solutions include Industrial and Desktop Printers, Supplies, Handheld Computers, and Managed Services to help achieve maximum efficiency in your operations.

Benefits of Zebra’s solutions include:

  • Reduced Inventory Carrying Cost
  • Visibility to Inventory – after it enters the warehouse
  • Improved Labor Productivity
  • Increased Moves Per Forklift
  • Improved and Real-Time Inventory and Shipment Visibility
  • Elimination of Manual Processes
  • Service Lead Agreements (SLAs) are Accomplished and Surpass

Here are some examples of the solutions we can supply you with:

Zebra MC9200 Mobile Computer

 This dependable mobile computer is designed for the toughest of environments and delivers exceptional scanning performance no matter the barcode condition or environment. Offering Android as its main operating system, you can rely on a robust OS to minimize support time and maximize your worker productivity.

In your warehouse or distribution centre, you can rely on the MC9200 to assist with inventory counts, replenishment and process management. 

Zebra ZT400 Series Industrial Printer

With multiple connectivity options, you can depend on fast, reliable wireless connections to keep your operations running smoothly. Offering both 4-inch and 6-inch models, you can print a variety of label formats and media types, ideal for busy operations and those who require varied media in their applications.

The ZT400 is ideal for those applications who rely on package labels, receiving/put-away labelling and product ID/serial numbers.

Zebra TC72 and TC77 Series Touch Computer

Offering simplistic Android and smartphone features, with this Zebra Touch Computer, you can virtually eliminate training times. Smartphone features also allow for high-quality voice communications. Where high-volume speakers and noise-cancellation technology allow workers on both ends of the call can hear every word in even the loudest of warehouse environments.

The TC72/TC77 can assist with picking/putting-away, warehouse management, returns processing, EDI transactions and voice communications.

Zebra’s Certified Supplies

If you’re frustrated by poorly printed barcodes, as well as un-scannable barcodes and illegible text, then why not try a new range of supplies? With Zebra’s very own line of supplies you can ensure a consistent print performance in your Zebra printers. Trial and tested, each product will be printed in the best quality that can easily scanned and identified.

Discover more about Zebra Supplies:


By committing to Zebra’s Certified Supplies, now comes with even more benefits. This year, Zebra Technologies introduced the Printhead Protection Programoffering customers free printheads for life. *

Program benefits include:

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Cuts Printhead Costs
  • One Source Printing Solution
  • Simple Enrolment and Redemption
  • No Need to Ship Printers Back

Commit to Zebra Certified Supplies today, so you can eliminate the cost of printheads and enrol into Zebra’s brand-new program.

Contact us for more information, and to find out if you’re eligible.

Zebra OneCare Support Services

Maximize your return on investment with Zebra Technologies OneCare Support Services. We know you depend on your Zebra devices day in and day out to ensure your business operations run smoothly. With Zebra OneCare you can maximize your device uptime and business performance and avoid costly un-budgeted repairs. There’s a Zebra OneCare Support package for any type of service and budget.

Discover more about Zebra OneCare in this video:


For more information on Zebra’s Warehouse Solutions, supplies and services, don’t hesitate to contact us.