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Barcode Label Software

Barcode Label Software, quite simply, allows you to design and print your labels, but the benefits the “right-type” of software package can have on your business is almost endless. There are many providers of label printing software on the market, Labelman choose to provide NiceLabel software because they are proven and trusted in the barcoding industry, used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies, they also have a long-standing partnership with Zebra Technologies.

NiceLabel users are pleased to print the right label with the right data, the first time, every time.

  • Use the graphical label designer to quickly create labels exactly as you need them
  • NiceLabel is the natural upgrade path for ZebraDesigner and it allows you to import your existing ZebraDesigner label templates
  • Connect your label template to your business data
  • Create user-tailored data entry forms with NiceForm or fully automate printing from another system with NiceWatch