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Environmental Policy

Labelman Ltd as a responsible organisation in the fields of supply and distribution of barcode labels and associated consumables is fully committed to continuously reviewing and reducing the impact of its operations and services on the environment.

The directors and staff are committed to the achieve these objectives through the implementation of their Environmental Management procedures, which are in accordance with the principles and practices of ISO 14001:2004.

The Environment Management procedure have been designed to ensure:-

  1. Due consideration is taken of the nature, scale and environment impacts of labelman activities and services.
  2. All employees are committed to a process of continual improvement and the prevention of pollution
  3. The organisation complies with the relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  4. Procedures are established to provide the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objections and targets
  5. Documented evidence is maintained of implementation, reviews, preventive action taken and communications to staff.

Whilst all Directors and Staff are individually responsible for the implementation of the requirement of the Environmental Management Procedures, Mark Cramer had undertaken responsibility for ensuring all staff adhere to the requirements of this policy.

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