At Labelman Ltd we offer dental practices the ultimate appointment reminder solution. Giving dental practices a chance to hand out a physical appointment card to give to every patient in a timely efficient manner, without breaking the bank. For the ultimate appointment reminder, we recommend the combined solution of the Zebra ZD410 Desktop Printer and Zebra Appointment Cards. This solution is quick, easy and most convenient.

The ZD410 is easy to use, dependable and the smallest printer within the Zebra family. Perfect for even the most space-constraint workspaces. A healthcare version is also available, with purpose-built plastics for easy sanitization. Zebra Appointment Cards are pocket-sized and wallet-friendly, so they are suitable for people to take and go about their day. With 720 cards per roll you won’t be out of pocket or keep having to make time in your busy working day to order more rolls. At Labelman Ltd we also offer a bespoke service to make them more personal to your practice, by adding your logo and practice details.

Whilst we share with you all the reasons why you should be buying Zebra Appointment cards and the Zebra ZD410; we still receive customer enquiries and questions as to whether this appointment reminder solution is right for their practice.

So, over the last few months we collectively made a note of all the frequently asked questions we have received and have asked our Dental Printer and Appointment Card expert Elliott Radford to answer them.

“How easy is a ZD410 to install?”

As well as being easy to use, the ZD410 is also very easy to install. With the printer ready to go from the minutes it’s plugged in, it connects straight to your dental software, and by the click of a button an appointment card is printed. What I like most about the ZD410 is the five status icons that give an indication of how to troubleshoot the printer. These icons include status, pause, data, supplies and network – giving you an idea of what could have gone wrong in the installation process, and will also quickly resolve printer issues should they ever happen.

“We use 3 computers in our practice, would we be able to connect the ZD410 to all of them?”

Now this is a question we get asked a lot. But Like all Zebra Printers, the ZD410 has multiple connectivity options including USB, auto-sensing Serial or 10/100 Ethernet. As well as wireless options such as 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1. With so many connectivity options, it can be implemented into any practice, providing you have the correct dental software. In terms of connecting it to other computers, this desktop printer works via the network, so if all your computers are connected to the same network, then every computer would be able to print appointment cards using the ZD410.

“I have a GK420d in my practice, how does it compare to a ZD410?”

In all honesty we do get a lot of practices advising us they have a GK420d. The main differences between the two printers is the size, price and print width. The ZD410 is smaller, cheaper and offers printing widths of 2 inches. Whereas the GK420d is wider, has a higher price tag and has a print width of 4 inches. If you only intend to print your appointment cards, I would highly advise using a ZD410, rather than a GK420d, as it suits any budget, can fit anywhere and can still print appointment cards with the 2-inch printing width.

“I’m looking at two printers, but one is 203dpi, and another is 300dpi. What do these numbers mean?” 

This is another common question I get asked and can be quite confusing for some as dpi gets mixed up as better print quality. But I want to stress that is not the case. Dpi stands for dots per print and refers to the resolution of the print.

203dpi = 8 dots per mm

300dpi= 12 dots per mm

The numbers can admittedly be confusing, but the higher the number does not mean a better-quality print solution. In most circumstances, a 203dpi would be the perfect printer, and there would be no reason to pay more for a 300dpi. A 300dpi printer would only be recommended for more intricate aspects. For example, should your practice require a QR on the appointment card for your patients to scan, the 300dpi option would be able to print the code in a detail that would made the QR code better to scan.

“We had to change our printhead last year at a costly expense. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?”

At Labelman we stress how important a printhead is, in terms of the printer lifespan and operations as a whole. Printhead replacements are expensive and can even amount to more than the printer itself. Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can prevent this from happening. With regular cleaning, you can stop dust and dirt building up and wearing down the printhead. It is recommended you clean the printhead after every roll change, and you’ll be glad to know that it’s not a costly or time-consuming affair. Cleaning can be done with in-expensive cards, swabs and pens (which you can purchase from us) and will only take a matter of minutes.

Also, a surprise to some, but if you’re not using genuine supplies or supplies that have been rigorously tested and approved then I’m afraid you’re setting yourself up for a printhead replacement. By supplying your practice with Zebra Appointment cards, we are offering our customers certified supplies that have gone through various amounts of tests to ensure you get a high-quality print, without causing costly issues for faults and replacements.

“We rely on our ZD410 a lot, would you recommend getting warranty for it?”

A ZD410 is a printer that has a long lifespan. But should you need it, Zebra Technologies offer Zebra OneCare – which we can supply you. Zebra OneCare is a support service to ensure your device has maximum uptime, offering customers around the clock support whenever their devices go wrong. Packages include technical support, access to repair centers and replacements. You can find out more about Zebra OneCare here.

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