The demand for RFID is going up. RFID solutions can transform your applications, by overcoming reoccurring challenges, improving worker productivity and task accuracy. In the coming years, 85% of Retailers, nearly 50% of Manufacturers and many Healthcare industries are said to increase their RFID usage and invest more money into RFID solutions due to the benefits and improvements they have witnessed within their applications.

So, why is RFID so popular and in demand?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and has a similar function to a traditional barcode, but instead uses radio frequency to identify items, therefore being a more efficient and accurate solution to various tasks such as inventory and asset tracking.

What can RFID do?

  • Scan hundreds of tags simultaneously
  • Locate, authenticate and track items quickly and more efficiently
  • Reduce time to complete tasks e.g. inventory counts
  • Minimize out of stocks
  • Complete tasks with more accuracy
  • Help Healthcare workers find equipment within seconds

Use – Cases:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Work-in-Process
  • Customised, Specialised Applications

By investing in RFID solutions, you can get ahead of your competitors and transform your business for the better. But we understand that this is a large and important investment, and you need to know if it’s the correct solution for your workers and operations.

With Zebra Technologies you can ensure that a whole RFID solution is possible and practical within your operation, no matter what vertical. Zebra have a leading comprehensive portfolio of RFID solutions that are affordable, consistent and reliable. As well as successful implementations across the globe.

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As a Zebra partner, we can supply you with leading RFID technology, and guide you through the implementation process. Supplying you with Zebra RFID Printers, RFID Scanners, RFID Labels, RFID Encoders, RFID Tags and RFID Readers, Zebra Software and Supplies.

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