When your customer demand increases, so should your operations.

Tis’ the season (and climate) for e-commerce and online demand to skyrocket, with estimated demand to go above and beyond previous records seen over the years. So how can you prepare and ensure your operations are meeting order fulfilment?

Increased demand shouldn’t mean employing more people to do the same job on extremely tight budgets. Especially when there’s technology out there that can improve worker productivity, as well as ensure that inventory management is done quickly, and efficiently. It should be stressed that inventory management is the key to success, particularly now more than ever.

A customer’s shopping experience changes with the times. Customers now want their experience to be more efficient, and more successful. With the likelihood of more items being purchased in one transaction. This is where inventory accuracies could be costly, and many sales lost. Prior to the pandemic “out-of-stock” was never really deemed to be a big deal. But now, the customer is unsatisfied, the sale is lost, and predictably all the other items in the cart have been deleted.

So how can you prevent this from happening? How can you ensure that your inventory count is accurate and updated in timely successions?

In partnership with Zebra Technologies, we can offer a wide range of scanning technology that can assist with vital inventory management, that can enable your operations to run efficiently, accurately and reliably.

The Zebra DS4600 is a fast, reliable multi-purpose scanner. With accurate first-time scanning, and Zebra accessories that add additional benefits. Including Zebra’s Preferred Symbol, where workers can capture the barcode they need, without covering other barcodes or having to do repeated scans.

As well as the DS4600 Series, we offer Zebra’s CS60 Companion Scanner. The ultra-versatile scanner designed for all businesses and budgets. The small handheld device has a pocket design, that allows it to be easily carried around even the biggest of warehouses. The best-in-class rugged design is engineered for multiple drops and spills, which can understandably happen in any busy environment. Advanced scanning technology also allows even the challenging barcodes to be scanned, and also in quick succession.

Need to Print Labels?

As said before, online demand and click and collect orders are expected to surge within days. And with this, comes parcel, address and shipping labels.

As well as supplying you with advanced scanning technology, we can provide your business with barcode printing solutions, that are accurate, reliable and dependable.

Zebra’s Industrial and Desktop Printers can be paired with their very own Certified Supplies to give your operations the ultimate printing solution.

The Zebra ZT400 Industrial Printer Series delivers exceptional performance and print speeds, as well as high-quality labels that are easily scannable, and readable to avoid human error. Easy media and ribbon loading allow fast and efficient printing turnarounds, for your busy operations.

Zebra’s ZT220 Industrial Printer offers ease of use, and outstanding value. The print precision has been developed to an even higher standard, and can print crisp, clean text and barcodes even on narrow media.

These industrial printers, are both paired with: Zebra Z-Perform 1000D (102mm x 152mm), Zebra Z-Perform 1000D (100mm x 150mm)

Zebra’s ZD420 Direct Thermal Desktop Printer leads its field with multiple connectivity options and media handling, therefore offering a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Ease of use enables your workers to have minimal training, and more time spent doing their required tasks. The optional battery allows cordless operation, to maximize worker productivity and task accuracy.

Another Desktop Printer that will benefit your operations, is the Zebra ZD220 Desktop Printer offers reliable operation, with an affordable price for those with a low budget. Your workflows can benefit from print speeds of up to 4” per second, and LED indicators to identify printer status. Additionally, the ZD220 is built to last for years, offering a great Return on Investment (ROI).

These desktop printers, are both paired with: Zebra Z-Perform 1000D (102mm x 152mm)

During these uncertain times, Labelman Ltd want to ensure that every business – big or small, are fully prepared for demand surges, by offering technology and barcode solutions, to keep your workflows running at maximum potential. Bearing your budget and operation size in mind, Labelman Ltd have the solution for you.

At Labelman Ltd, we can also offer your business Zebra OneCare Support Services. Ensuring maximum device uptime, and business performance. You can find out more about Zebra OneCare here.

For more information on how we can help get your operations prepared, or questions regarding our products and solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.