When it comes to purchasing hardware for your business, we know that it’s a decision that poses many questions. Including total cost of investment, training time and how new devices will be compatible with new workflow changes and challenges, such as an increase in demand and e-commerce orders as we have experienced this year.

You will also be looking for a device that can be used in all essential areas of your workflows. So your workers are not having to change device for every department or work task, which is very common in environments such as retail. This will not only increase task efficiency and productivity, but it will also eliminate training time for each different device.

So where can you find a device that fits into all of these specifications?

Introducing Zebra Technologies and the Zebra CS60 Companion Scanner.

Working closely with customers, and concentrating on their feedback, Zebra have created a transformational – and first-of-its-kind – barcode scanner. The CS60 is a convertible device that can switch between corded and cordless operation, and handheld and hands-free in an instant. Offering each of your workers a dedicated device to support all tasks across your whole workforce. Overall, the Zebra CS60 is valuable to any business that wants an affordable multi-tasking scanner.

But how does it differ to other Zebra Scanners, and how will it benefit your operations?


The CS60 is an all-in-one device. It can be used as a cordless scanner or corded scanner, by a simple swap of a battery and corded USB converter. As well as hands-free and handheld options by adding a presentation stand. These functions mean that no matter what task your workforce is faced with, they will have a device that is suited to each need.

Like other Zebra scanners, the CS60 can read virtually any barcode. Including those poorly printed, damaged, dirty or faded. Therefore increasing worker productivity with first time scanning results. With haptic/physical feedback, your workers will also be given instant confirmation of a successful scan, eliminating the need for continuous scanning. Additionally, with a high battery capacity of 18 hours, there will be no need to halt essential tasks due to battery charging.

Software Tools 

Zebra devices have software tools that make them easier to deploy, update, troubleshoot and manage. With Zebra’s DataCapture DNA, it simplifies scanner deployments, delivers remote analytics and enables IT to streamline tasks. These tools will enable you to ensure that your hardware is working to its upmost potential and not harming your operations. These applications will update firmware for functionality and protection. With included analytics that will provide detailed performance metrics. Allowing an elimination of poor performing barcodes that could slow down your operations.

Durability and Design

The Zebra CS60 has been designed and tested to ensure that it meets 5-foot drops and IP65 specifications. Therefore surviving up to 250 tumbles that can happen in any workspace and environment. Beneficially, and particularly for today’s climate – the traditional mechanical button has been changed to a smooth, sealed sensing button to prevent damage to the scanner. Especially when it’s being wiped down after shifts or handed to other users between shifts.

The companion scanner has also been made with comfort and space in mind. The compact design allows it to be extremely lightweight and will take up minimal workspace. It will also be easy to carry around in your hand, on a lanyard or on a belt.

Unique Alerts and Paging

With a unique feature of an ‘out of range’ alert button, scanners can be prevented from disappearing either accidentally or intentionally. As well as a reminder to return scanners to their charging cradle. A pager button helps users locate a scanner that may have been misplaced, therefore eliminating lost time for your workers to search for missing devices, as well as financial loss to damaged or lost hardware.

In summary, the Zebra CS60 Companion Scanner is perfect for all operations that need to adhere to multiple tasks across each department. With productivity boosting features, a compact design and Zebra-only features it’s the ultimate device to ensure that your operations are running to your potential, as well as your workers. The adaptability of the device will also enable a smooth integration with all of your current workflows and applications. As well as those in the future that may be needed to improve or sustain operations.

You can find the Zebra CS60 Companion Scanner here.

For more information on the Zebra CS60 Companion Scanner, feel free to contact us.