Do you ever get frustrated by poorly printed barcodes?

Your printhead’s performance will impact your entire printing solution. If you are using the wrong labels and ribbons, or your printhead is worn down, it will be almost impossible to produce the high-quality product identification your business needs to succeed.

Faulty printheads could amount to decreased worker productivity, produce unscannable barcodes and illegible text. You may even have to re-print many labels to troubleshoot printer issues. This could then lead to label printing delays, mis-scans, shipping and delivery delays, and more importantly unsatisfied customers.

So what causes a printhead to wear down?

Printheads are the key components of your printer, and your business. Printheads should be properly looked after, by keeping them clean, and ensuring you are using the correct ribbons, inlays, or labels for your applications.

Cleaning printheads is sometimes overlooked as part of a worker’s day, especially in busy workflows. However, cleaning the printhead is vital to ensure your printhead doesn’t wear down or amounts to costly replacements.

When dirt and dust build up in the printhead, they can block heat transfer. This can cause elements of the printhead to overheat and burnout, which will require you to replace your printhead, which admittedly is a costly affair. Fortunately, through regular cleaning with specific cleaning products – such as pens, swabs and cards, this can be prevented. These products lift dirt and grease from the printhead, causing them to quickly evaporate. Whilst also ensuring not to leave any debris, that could lead you back to square one.

It is advised for label printer users, to make printhead cleaning mandatory in their operational routine. More specifically, each time the ribbon is replaced in thermal-transfer printing, or at every media change for direct thermal printers. Printhead cleaning isn’t a time-consuming task, and can be done quickly with inexpensive materials, which can be repaid many times over, because it eliminates the costs of printhead replacements.

As well as cleaning your printhead, you should ensure you’re using the correct supplies. Using inferior supplies, can lead to decreased worker productivity, workflow delays and the lifespan of your printheads to go down significantly. Inferior supplies can lead to your workers having to do hundreds of re-prints due to the quality of the print. Therefore, leading those unwanted workflow delays and potential vital tasks having to be missed. Your printheads are also being worn down, and more prone to wear and tear, due to inferior supplies not being tested to ensure they offer the best print quality.

With Zebra’s Certified Supplies, you can ensure an optimized performance in your Zebra Printer, because of their exceptional quality. Due to their consistency, Zebra’s supplies are also designed to make sure there is no need to adjust your printers in between each roll, when using the same media. Pre-printing due to poor quality, will also be virtually eliminated, meaning your worker productivity will be increased and your workflows can run more smoothly. More importantly, every single item they produce goes through rigorous testing to ensure premium print quality, and durability. So your business can work to its full potential, without have to worry about your print quality and supplies.

By committing to Zebra’s Certified Supplies, now comes with even more benefits. This year, Zebra Technologies introduced the Printhead Protection Program, offering customers free printheads for life. *

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  • Reduced Downtime
  • Cuts Printhead Costs
  • One Source Printing Solution
  • Simple Enrollment and Redemption
  • No Need to Ship Printers Back

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