Product Description

Introducing the Zebra DS8178-HC Standard Cradle – designed to enhance the patient experience and improve your workflows.

  • Eliminate Bluetooth Interference with Wi-Fi Friendly Mode
  • 800 MHz Microprocessor
  • Captures the Most Problematic Barcodes
  • Purpose-built Housing to help Prevent the Spread of Bacteria
  • Night Mode with Vibrate Mode
  • Continuous 24 Hour Scanning

Continuously offer outstanding patient care and increase productivity and processes with the Zebra DS8100-HC Series. Purpose-built to make sure healthcare professionals have the best tools to improve patient care and outcomes.

It has the ability to instantly capture even the most difficult to read barcodes, and has robust industry-first housing to offer maximum protection against bacteria and cope with continuous disinfecting.

You can switch between vibrate and beeper feedback by holding down the trigger for a few seconds. With an included night mode that has a vibrate function which offers an array of easily controllable feedback modes. They will instantly notify your healthcare worker that a barcode was properly captured, without disturbing patients. Zebra’s direct decode indicator flashes illumination onto the barcode to confirm that it has been captured.

The DS8100-HC Series gives nurses and other healthcare professionals the tools they need to provide their patients with the best care and perform everyday duties efficiently and accurately.

Ideal For:

  • Patient Identification and Verification
  • Medication Administration
  • Hospital Pharmacy: Medication Intake and Inventory
  • Hospital Laboratory: Specimen Track and Trace
  • Operating Room: Surgical Supply Instruments and Implants
  • Patient Admissions
  • Caregiver Accountability and Audit Trail
  • Electronic Record Access
  • Dietary Management
  • Chain of Custody for Controlled Substances
  • Inventory Management

For more information on the Zebra DS8178-HC Standard Cradle, feel free to contact us.