Product Description

Zebra DS4600 Series – More data capture versatility, more range and more innovation.

  • Fast and Reliable Scanning Performance
  • Read Barcodes in Virtually Any Condition
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Unique DataCapture DNA

The Zebra DS4600 Series is the multipurpose scanner that does more for your operations, with accurate first-time, every-time decoding of virtually any barcode not matter size, condition or style.

Ideal for:

  • Retail (Front of Store) – Checkout Scanning, Mobile Scanning eCouping/Loyalty, DL Parsing: Age Verification, Loyalty and Credit Applications, Cigarette and Liquor Tax Verification, Checkpoint EAS, OCR/Passport Reading
  • Retail (Back of Store) – Receiving, Inventory
  • Hospitality – Event/Admission Ticketing
  • Healthcare – Medication Administration, Hospital Pharmacy: Medication Intake and Inventory, Hospital Laboratory: Specimen Track and Trace, Operating Room: Surgical Supply Instruments and Implants, Patient Identification and Verification, Patient Admission: ER/Triage/Admissions, Electronic Record Access, Outpatient Facilities: Patient Identification and Verification, Specimen Track and Trace
  • Manufacturing – Product Assembly, Traceability, Quality Assurance, Inventory and Materials Management, Replenishment, Picking