Zebra TC51-HC, WLAN, SE4710, 4GB/32GB, RFC/FFC

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Zebra TC51-HC, WLAN, SE4710, 4GB/32GB, RFC/FFC

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Product Description

The Zebra TC51-HC Touch Computer allows your healthcare workers to deliver the highest quality of care. With everything your clinicians need in a sleek mobile computer.

The TC51-HC has fast application performance and processing power, allowing workers to answer urgent PTT calls, and send a high resolution photo in quick successions. In a healthcare environment, we know that there’s no room for error, so the TC51-HC offers high voice quality. With added voice cancellation and one watt speakers for callers on both ends to be crystal clear and avoid errors.

The TC51-HC is purposely built for Healthcare, designed with advanced medical grade plastics for superior protection and toughness. As well as withstanding constant wipe downs with aggressive disinfectants.

With this touch computer Workforce Connect PTT Express is pre-installed, enabling powerful voice communications right out of the box. With an additional option of Workforce Connect Enterprise Messaging, where your workers eliminate the risk of sharing sensitive patient information.

The large 5-inch display offers more space to view patient information. The screen can also be used with a stylus and a glove, which we know is worn by most healthcare staff. The TC51-HC is one of the most rugged computers in its class, handling extreme temperatures and multiple drops to concrete, which can happen in any workplace.

Time is a critical within any healthcare environment. So that’s why Zebra’s design team have offered a button on the back of the device, that can allow workers to access a frequently used application or feature.

With advanced scanning technology, there is no time wasted scanning barcodes multiple times. Which we know can happen with medication administration, patient identification and inventory management. Therefore task accuracy and productivity are improved.

The device features two high-resolution cameras to improve the speed and accuracy or patient care. As Documentation and patient information can be more shown in more detailed and be accurately read.

With Zebra OneCare Support Services, you can ensure maximum device uptime, with industry-leading expertise to ensure you get your devices back up and running.

You can find more about Zebra OneCare here.

For more information on the Zebra TC51-HC Touch Computer, feel free to contact us.


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