DS8178-HC FIPS Standard Cradle (with Fasteners) USB KIT: DS8178-HCMF00BVMWW Scanner, CBA-U21-S07ZBR Shielded USB Cable, CR8178-SC100FBWW Cradle, FAST-PC0081W-Q1 Fasteners


Designed to enhance patient experience and improve workflow

  • Eliminate Bluetooth Interference with Wi-Fi Friendly Mode
  • 800 MHz microprocessor
  • Captures the most problematic barcodes
  • Purpose-built housing to help prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Night Mode with vibrate mode
  • Continuous 24 Hour Scanning

Continuously offer outstanding patient care and increase productivity and processes with the Zebra DS8100-HC series handheld imager. Purpose-built to make sure healthcare professionals have the best tools to improve patient care and outcomes. It has the ability to instantly capture difficult to read barcodes.

The DS8100-HC has robust industry-first housing to offer maximum protection against bacteria and cope with continuous disinfecting.

Switch between vibrate and beeper feedback by holding down the trigger for a few seconds. Night mode has a vibrate function which offers an array of easily controllable feedback modes that will instantly notify your healthcare worker that a barcode was properly captured, without disturbing patients. Zebra’s direct decode indicator flashes illumination onto the barcode to confirm that it has been captured.

Ideal For:

  • Patient identification
  • Medication administration
  • Specimen collection
  • Patient admission
  • Caregiver accountability and audit trail
  • Dietary management
  • Chain of custody for controlled substances
  • Inventory